Synopsis Critiques

Is your synopsis running too long? Are you struggling with “synopsis-speak,” where your story takes on a deadening feel? We can help shape your synopsis to reflect the best qualities of your work, in professional and compelling language. Our goal will be to produce a 1-2 page synopsis, single spaced. We’ll go through as many rounds of editing as needed until it’s ready to submit. Note: If your synopsis exceeds 1,500 words, we may not accept it for editing until you shorten it.

Synopsis Critique Process

If you’re preparing synopses for an agent or publisher, we can edit and evaluate your materials and suggest improvements to increase your chances of a response. We can’t guarantee you’ll get representation or a publishing deal, but we can offer you insight into potential challenges or stumbling blocks in your efforts to get published.

What you can expect from our editing process:

  • For most clients, we end up rewriting and revising some portion of their synopsis. That said, we never consider our edits either final or perfect. Many synopses require several editing rounds before we get it right.
  • This is a collaborative relationship and engagement. Christopher Hoffmann will work as your editor and adviser rather than a writer-for-hire. He can’t write in your style or voice, nor will he have the same insight as you into your characters or plot. However, he can help ensure that your synopsis captures the best qualities of your book. He’ll need your guidance and hands-on involvement to do that.
  • We usually have questions and often require your feedback to produce the best results. Likewise, we always welcome your input and insight on what’s missing or what you’re hoping to achieve. If we know what concerns you, we can better address it in our edits and questions.
  • For your synopsis, we will correct grammar, mechanics, and spelling if needed, but we always recommend you do a final proofread before sending off your materials.
  • We will apply formatting and styling that is expected and consistent with book publishing standards.

Our goal and process for your synopsis critique:

Our goal is to help you finalize a clear and succinct synopsis you can send to any agent or publisher, without red flags or distractions, with your best foot forward. After the editing work is finished, Christopher Hoffmann is available to answer your follow-up questions via email at no charge.

All synopsis critique work is performed exclusively by Christopher Hoffmann. You will always be communicating directly with him.

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Christopher delivered to-the-point fixes in a timely manner. He made the polish stage of the writing process easy!

Alonna Shaw

Christopher was exactly what I was looking for. He is a great biblical scholar of historical criticism who held my writing feet to the fire. The biggest surprise is how good he is as a straight-up editor. It's ironic that I like his red pen more than a few "professional" editors I've worked with. Perhaps all editors should be put through the mandatory rigor of grading students' papers for a few years, as well as writing their own papers for tough professors.

Kevin Bader, writer