Permissions Consulting

We charge hourly to secure permissions, which includes:

  • research to determine who owns the copyright or trademark over the content you would like to use
  • determining what information they require to consider granting you permission to use their content
  • reaching out to the copyright or trademark owners to request permissions
  • keeping authors updated on progress (see a sample status report here)

“What if I’m not sure if I need to seek permissions?”

Understanding whether or not you need to request permission to use a quote or image can be confusing! If you are wondering if you are in danger of copyright infringement, we can help you evaluate all the cited content in your manuscript so you can decide if it is necessary to seek permission to use it or not.

Evaluation of Individual Citations (flat rate) includes:

  • research to find and/or confirm the source and publication date of the material you are using
  • evaluation of the risk of using individual citations based on fair use criteria
  • permissions recommendation that includes both work-around ideas so that you can avoid seeking permissions and any information we come across to help you seek permissions for the content if you decide to go that route (see an example of a citation evaluation report here)

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