Agent & Publisher (small press and hybrid) Research

Let us take care of your literary agent or publisher research needs!

For $250 each, we offer three different kinds of research lists:

  • Agents who have made deals for books like yours along with their submission information; past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior! (to view an agent list example, click here and here)
  • Trustworthy small press publishers that seek to publish works that share similarities with your book project
  • Trustworthy hybrid publishers that match your publishing goals and budget

Authors who benefit from these research services usually have a finished manuscript and submission materials (such as a query letter, book synopsis, or book proposal) prepared or at least in draft form. We will generate a list of agents or publishers who are looking for manuscripts like yours. Once we turn the list of agents or publishers over to you, all you need to do is submit your materials to the agents or publishers of your choice.

Although we will point out any obvious errors or issues we find in your submission materials, we do not provide opinions or assurances about the viability of book projects, and there is no guarantee that anyone on the list will accept your proposed book project. Please check out Jane Friedman’s blog (here) for help with these issues.

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Within a week of sending queries out to the agents recommended by [Copy Write Consultants], I got three requests from three different agents to see my manuscript. Their service was prompt and thorough, and obviously, their research was beautifully specific to my work. I highly recommend them!

Katie Daley