Get Published Weekly Roundup: May 7th, 2018

Book Barcode By Thepwnco [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Change made: from color to black and white.
It’s absolutely beautiful here in Charlottesville. Spring is fully upon us; it’s like a weight has lifted from our collective shoulders and we all have found out that we live right outside The Great British Bake Off‘s tent. Concomitantly, however, the pollen has affected me to the degree that I regularly get asked if I have swine flu. It’s worth it, though. This week we feature one agency move, an intern, two contests that will net you a grand or more, #MSWL entries, and a bit of depressed cynicism at the end.

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One agent moves, and a fresh face likely to be not yet jaded by the crush of the slush

Kelly Van Sant has moved from D4EO to Red Sofa Literary.


Fiction: Middle Grade; Young Adult; Women’s (very limited)

Nonfiction: Nope

I love character-driven stories with intricate plots, and am always drawn to explorations of friendship and found family.

Kelly is accepting submissions via email at See the submission guidelines as well as a more detailed explanation of what she’s looking for here.

Kat Enright has joined the Seymour Agency as an intern.


Fiction: Young Adult; Science Fiction; Fantasy; Romance

Nonfiction: Select

Kat is accepting submissions via email at For agency guidelines, click here.

Picture books and murder most foul (or, you know, crime in general)

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Little, Brown Emerging Artist Award—Submissions due May 15th, 2018 (Picture Book contest, $$$, possible publication)

What: A picture book that reflects and resonates with the diverse population of the United States, plus a portfolio of other work. Winner receives a $1,500 gift card, a trip to NYC, a day at Little, Brown meeting with various folks, and the opportunity to submit the book for review.

Cost: Free

To Submit: Submission via online form here. For more extensive guidelines and rules, click here.

The Wolfe Pack 2018 Black Orchid Novella Contest—Submissions must be postmarked by May 31st, 2018 ($1,000 and publication)

What: Mystery novella. Winner receives a $1,000 and publication in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

Cost: Free

To Submit: Submission via post: Jane K. Cleland, Chair, BONA, P.O. 3233, New York, NY 10163. For contest rules and guidelines, click here.

Do you watch a lot of daytime cable TV? Then you may have what they're looking for.

Ali Herring, Assistant Literary Agent at Spencerhill Associates
Ali wants some Lifetime stories (but apparently not the comically tragic ones): “Hey did I mention I am looking for inspirational and mainstream category romance? Would love to see things that fit Love Inspired, Hallmark, Harlequin Heartwarming, etc. More sweet than salty.” Source Tweet


Fiction: Young Adult; Middle Grade; Romance; Southern women’s fiction; Christian/Inspirational

Nonfiction: Negatory

How to submit: Ali is accepting queries through Query Manager, here, or via email at submission@spencerhillassociates.comMore information and submission guidelines may be found here.

Follow Ali on Twitter @HerringAli.

Hannah Fergesen, Agent at kt literary
Hannah has been playing her old LPs backwards: “Is there any YA hist fic about the Satanic Panic? Cause if not, I am obsessed and I want” Source Tweet


Fiction: Young Adult; Middle Grade; Speculative

Nonfiction: Nope

Hannah is a proud geek and TV junkie, with an all-consuming love for Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and anything created by Joss Whedon. With her background in film and television, she is attracted to stories with strong visuals and sharp dialogue.”

How to submit: Hannay is accepting queries via email at See guidelines here, and follow her on Twitter @HannahFergesen.

Ejusdem Generis

What a surprise. Oh, wait, what’s the opposite of surprise? Yeah, that’s what I mean.

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