Get Published Weekly Roundup: June 4th, 2018

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I’ve smoked over forty pounds of pork shoulder in the past three weeks. That isn’t germane to anything at all, I was just thinking about it as I began to write this. Sometimes there is so much going on that the only way to move forward is to focus on the inconsequential. If that’s too opaque, I’m sure I’ll have something more accessible next week. This week we feature agent news, just one contest, #MSWL entries, and some true crime at the end.

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A (possibly) new agent, and another reopens to queries (we love it when that happens!)

Emma Sector (seems to have recently) joined Prospect Agency (but maybe has been there for a while, it’s hard to say).


Fiction: Picture Books; Middle Grade; Young Adult

Nonfiction: MG only

I’m open to middle-grade and YA of all types, but I’m especially drawn to fantasy adventure, magical realism, and historical fiction. I love picture books with big ideas and few words and chapter books with quirky, vibrant characters.

Emma is accepting submissions via online form, here.

Natalie Lakosil, of Bradford Literary, has reopened to queries.


Fiction: Picture Books; Chapter Books; Middle Grade; Young Adult; Cozy Mystery/Crime; female-protagonist Thriller; Upmarket Women’s

Nonfiction: Juvenile

“In novels, she likes historical (primarily 1900s-1920s), multi-cultural, ownvoices, magical realism, LGBTQ, strong female leads, sci-fi/fantasy, gritty, thrilling and darker contemporary novels, and horror. She is not typically the best fit for a light beach read.”

Natalie is accepting submissions via email at For submission guidelines, click here.

You've got about ten days

Sisters in Crime Eleanor Taylor Bland Crime Fiction Writers of Color Award—Submissions due June 15th, 2018 (Annual Grant—$$$)

Who: Unpublished writers of color

What: Unpublished short story or first chapter of a work in progress, 2,500-5,000 words. Winner receives $1,500.

Cost: Free

To Submit: Send resume/biography, cover letter, and manuscript to, or possibly to (there’s two different instructions). Find all info and instructions here.

Spooky children's lit: bring it!

Danielle Burby, Agent at Nelson Literary Agency
In conversation this would come across as logorrhea, but in a #MSWL tweet, it’s just thorough: “Things I’m looking for right now: Creepy atmospheric forests, queer love stories, YA and MG fantasy, sister stories, boarding schools, complicated family and friendship dynamics, seaside novels, literary writing with commercial plot, interesting magic, feminism”  Source Tweet


Fiction: Middle Grade, Young Adult, select Women’s

Nonfiction: I guess not.

How to submit: Danielle is accepting queries via email at querydanielle@nelsonagency.comMore information and submission guidelines may be found here.

Follow Danielle on Twitter @DanielleBurby.

Kortney Price, Junior Agent at Corvisiero Literary
Kortney sneers at your love of the spring sunshine: “Absolutely DYING to see a super atmospheric ghost story, for YA or adult in my inbox. Murder mysteries, gothic settings/themes, haunted mansions, gardens, rain, fog… all the things! With a dash of romance” Source Tweet


Fiction: Middle Grade; Young Adult; select Fantasy and Paranormal

Nonfiction: Nope

“She loves reading about the things she loves so stories featuring an awesome sense of humor, art and artists, antiques and old buildings, and strong and quirky families are always welcome. Because of her 15+ years working in the special needs community, Kortney is always looking for stories featuring characters with special needs.”

How to submit: Kortney is accepting queries via online form, here. See submission guidelines here.

Follow her on Twitter .

Ejusdem Generis

As some of y’all may have heard, author Chuck Palahniuk was the most prominent victim of a $3.4 million embezzlement scheme perpetrated by the accountant at his literary agency, Donadio & Olson. After ranting about piracy and his publishers in the past, Palahniuk realized that the real bad guy was the fellow in charge of his agency’s purse strings and apologized for his previous accusations. He is apparently in rather dire financial straits but happy to know what was really happening. I don’t think that there is anything particularly profound to think about here, but it does serve as a sobering reminder that even after finally landing an agent, that agent making a deal for your book, and that book being well received and made into a movie, it’s not all Cheez-Its and beer. What I really want to know is how the accountant thought he would hide the theft of someone’s $200,000 advance (which is what led to the discovery of the crime; the unnamed author understandably wondered where his two hundred large was). I mean, I never took more than a dollar or two from my pop’s change jug (actually a small metal Coke machine coin bank), cuz I knew it would get noticed. Also, in 1988 two dollars bought a lot of candy bars, so there was no need to get greedy. Check it out here and here.

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