Get Published Weekly Roundup: July 31, 2017

Book Barcode By Thepwnco [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Change made: from color to black and white.
Welcome to the Get Published Weekly Roundup! In this week’s GSF Roundup we highlight two agents who are now open to queries, notices of approaching writing and submission deadlines, highlights from the past week’s Manuscript Wishlist, and a few more tidbits at the end, including our second week of gathering advice #StraightFromAnAgent (maybe a new weekly section of the Roundup??).
We’d love to hear your feedback. Please let us know what you think in the comments and if there are certain types of information you would like to see in the Roundup. Also feel free to tweet at us (@freelancingrads) with any ideas or questions. Have a great writing week!

Agents: New Hires & Promotions

**Now Accepting Queries**

Lauren Bieker, Intern at FinePrint Literary Management

Lauren Bieker has been serving as an intern and is now open to queries. She is seeking:

Fiction: Commercial and Upmarket Women’s Fiction, Young Adult, select Dystopian Sci-Fi and high concept Literary Fiction
Nonfiction: Proposals related to the world of fashion
NOT looking for: Religious Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, or Political/Military Fiction
“She appreciates great storytelling and is a ‘sucker’ for outstanding writing and convincing characters.” She recently tweeted: “#MSWL badass female only western a la The Good Time Girls short film.” Source Tweet
Lauren is accepting queries via email at lauren@fineprintlit.comClick here to read the full submissions guidelines on the company website.
Ginger Harris-Dontzin, Literary Agent at Lisa Royce Agency
Ginger Harris-Dontzin is now open to queries. She is seeking:
Fiction: Children’s, Contemporary, General Fiction, Science Fiction, Thrillers/Suspense, and Women’s Fiction
Nonfiction: General Nonfiction
Ginger is accepting queries via email at submissions@lizaroyce.comClick here to read the full submissions guidelines on the company website.

Submission Deadlines

Writers, you have from 33-147 hours:

Milwaukee Irish Fest  Poetry Contests—Submissions due August 1st, (Annual poetry contests, $$ prizes)

What: Poetry reflecting Irish or Irish-American themes. The Donn Goodwin Prize is open to all, while the Joseph Gahagan Prize is open to Wisconsin residents only. The winner of each award will receive $100.

To Submit: Submission by post only (USPS Priority Mail Express is your friend, here!). For more information and submission guidelines, click here.

Brenda Drake Contests Pitch Wars—Submissions due Sunday, August 6th, 10pm EDT (Annual Contest)

What: Win mentoring by an industry professional. Must submit a completed manuscript and query letter (synopsis and pitch recommended as well).

“Over the past six years, Pitch Wars has changed many lives. Countless authors have been matched with agents and even gone on to book deals and successful careers. We’re approaching 250 successes this year!”

To Submit: Submit online beginning August 2nd, 12:01 am EDT. For more information and submission guidelines, click here.

Winter Tangerine 2017 Winter Tangerine Awards—Submissions due Tuesday, August 1st (Annual contest—$$ award and publication)

Who: New and emerging writers—must not have published a novel or collection of any type.

What: Up to 4 poems (no more than 8 pages total) or 2 prose pieces (no more than 12 pages total). Winners receive a box of books, a jar of jam, $250, and publication in Winter Tangerine. Finalists receive $20 and publication.

Send me stories that feel true. Emotionally, on a visceral level, true. I love characters. I want to laugh and I want quirks and I want my heart to break.

To Submit: Submit online via Submittable (click here). For more information and submission guidelines, click here.

What Agents Want

This Week on Manuscript Wishlist #MSWL…

Jessica Mileo, agent at InkWell Management  
Jessica tweeted a reminder: “I’m always looking for more WoC/#OwnVoices writers in my inbox!” Source Tweet

How to submit: Jessica is accepting submissions via email at submissions@inkwellmanagement.comClick here to read the full submissions guidelines on the company website.

Follow Jessica on Twitter @JessicaMileo.

Zoe Sandler, agent at ICM Partners 
Family history is eliciting some specificity in Zoe: “I just found out my grandfather was a post-WWII cemetery architect in England. Now I want a novel about a cemetery architect.” Source Tweet 

Seeking: Crime, Humor, Literary, Middle Grade, Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult, Journalism, Science, True Crime

How to submit: Zoe is accepting queries via email to Click here for submission guidelines on her MSWL profile page.
Follow Zoe on Twitter @zosandler.
Jessica Alvarez, Senior Agent at BookEnds Literary
Shark Week and Astronaut Mike Dexter making their way onto the literary scene: “From an editor’s lips to my #MSWL: a contemp shark-themed romance. Sharks can’t be bad in it! Also, a believable astronaut romance.” Source Tweet 

Seeking:  Romance of all heat levels (including inspirational and category romance), women’s fiction, mysteries, suspense, and thrillers. She’s looking for books that celebrate diversity in all its forms. In no particular order, she’d especially love to see more books featuring Asian characters, adoption issues, the Amish, coroners and morticians, physically and emotionally tortured heroes, and women who kick ass.

How to submit: Jessica is accepting queries via online form, here. Click here for submissions guidelines on the company website.
Follow Jessica on Twitter @AgentJessicaA.

Ejusdem Generis

I. Advice #StraightFromAnAgent
  • Check out Literaticast, a new podcast by Jennifer Laughran, Literary Agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency, in which “a literary agent and her friends dish about writing and publishing books for children and young adults.” To listen to the first three episodes online, click here, or for the link to subscribe on iTunes, click here. For a podcast that covers a wider range of categories and genres that has been broadcasting since last November, check out Manuscript Academy. Click here for more information and to subscribe through iTunes.
  • Here are a few #querytip Tweets from this past week:
    • One of the biggest reasons I reject: not knowing your audience! If it’s a MG story, it better be written for the MG audience.” – @inthesestones, BookEnds. Source Tweet
    • In your query, you don’t need to tell the agent what their website and submission guidelines say. They already know. :)” – @RachelleGardner, Books and Such Literary Agency. Source Tweet
    • I see many resubmissions with same opening pages and few changes. Instead, try reworking the scene. Use a fresh start to hook me.” –@marchsoloway, Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Source Tweet
    • No! No! NO! Don’t ever tell me the twist or ending in the query. Save it for the synopsis. Your query is your cover copy.” – @BookEndsJessica, BookEnds. Source Tweet
II. Free, Open Source, formatted eBooks in the Public Domain! Click here to start reading for free!
“Standard Ebooks takes ebooks from sources like Project Gutenberg, formats and typesets them using a carefully designed and professional-grade style guide, lightly modernizes them, fully proofreads and corrects them, and then builds them to take advantage of state-of-the-art eReader and browser technology.”
III. “Analyzing the Gender Representation of 34,476 Comic Book Characters.”
By Original works: Vegas Bleeds Neon Derivative work: FRacco [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsFinally, a little data for you (I promise the charts are pretty cool!): You’ll learn the differences Amanda Shendruk found in male and female superpowers, the percentage of females that make up teams of superheroes, and a comparison of gendered, diminutive names (like girl v. boy). Click here to see the full analysis.

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