Get Published Weekly Roundup: April 2nd, 2018

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In a few days we embark on our first camping trip of the year. I’ve sharpened and polished my hatchet, checked the bear spray, downloaded some topo maps, and purchased a new water filtration system. None of which we’ll need, because we’re staying in a cabin. It will be my first time cabin camping, and I’m kind of looking forward to it. Not having to bear-proof your campsite at the end of the night is going to be great. Also, toilets. This week we feature two new agents, a couple of killer residencies, and the great JF at the end.

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New agents! Hit 'em up!

Leah Middleton has joined Marjacq Scripts. 


Fiction: Historical; high-concept YA; edgy comedy

Nonfiction: Investigative journalism; Polemic; topical Memoir; Popular Science; Popular History

Leah is accepting submissions via email at See here for more information on the agency’s submission guidelines.

Jessie Stover has joined the Seymour Agency (well, in the winter; we’re just catching up now).


Fiction: YA; New Adult; Romance (contemporary, suspense, comedy); Military; brain twisters (make of that what you will)

Nonfiction: Apparently not

Ever since Jessie was a little girl she was obsessed with stories. She acted out her favorite movies with friends, wrote her own epics in high school, and loved talking shop with any author she could get her hands on. As the wife of an Active Duty Airman and slave to her own creative mind, Jessie’s days are full of variety, knitting, and tea drinking.” 

Jessie is accepting queries via email, at Check out the agency guidelines here.

Two residencies, one of which you really gotta get a move on. But it pays twenty large!

Boston Public Library Associates of the Boston Public Library Writer-in-Residence Program—Submissions due by April 5th, 2018 (Annual Residency, $$$)

What: Residency to provide a writer with resources to complete a work for children or young adults. Winner receives use of a private office, access to special collections at the BPL—oh, and $20,000.

Cost: Free

To Submit: Submission by email or by post. Entries must be postmarked by April 5th. Rules and submission information may be found here

The Kerouac Project 2018-2019 Residencies—Submissions due by April 16th, 2018 (Annual Residency, $$$)

What: Residency for writers of any age or genre. Four winners receive three-month stays in the cottage where Jack Kerouac wrote Dharma Bums, and a $1,000 stipend.

Cost: Free

To Submit: Online submission through Submittable, here. You can find rules and guidelines here, and FAQs here.

Fantasy and Fishpeople

Lindsay Leggett, Associate Agent at the Rights Factory

Lindsay has maybe been watching Forged in Fire (but is sick of all the beards): “I’d love to see a YA fantasy about a girl blacksmith.” Source Tweet


Fiction: Young Adult; Middle Grade; Children’s 

Lindsay grew up in the frozen wilds of Northern Ontario, and turned a love of reading and writing into a passion for editing. After working for a variety of authors and publishers, she found a home at The Rights Factory.”

How to submit: Lindsay is accepting queries via online form here. Follow her on Twitter @lindsayleggett.

Jessie Devine, Agent at D4EO Literary 

Jessie is looking for some romance at sea. I mean in the sea. Like really in it: “Still looking for my m/m or f/f mermaid book.” Source Tweet


Fiction: Young Adult; Middle Grade

Nonfiction: Doesn’t look like it.

How to submit: Jessie is accepting queries via QueryManager, here. You can follow him on Twitter @Jessie_Devine.

Ejusdem Generis

A couple of months ago we mentioned that our good friend, publishing guru Jane Friedman, had a book coming out. Well, it’s out, and if you haven’t picked it up, you should. Today she wrote a guest column about author platform in the digital age for Writer Unboxed. I’m not going to summarize it because she already writes with economy, and I would just end up reproducing the whole thing. Also Writer Unboxed would probably get mad. Check it out here.


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